Save The Humor

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Save The Humor

It is the end of 2014 and something extrange is happening: almost no one can smile or laugh. There is something bizarre in the air, something that is absorving the humor from the people.

You are Charlie, a happy scientist that has been most of his live carrying out some research on joke-science. Your knowledge of thousands of jokes is critical for saving the humor. A college visits you and shows what is happenning exactly. Centuries ago, at the very start of the Roman empire, some aliens were studying humans. Those aliens were very peculiar: they did not have sense of humor at all. Therefore, they were so curious about humor, that they decided to construct a tecnology able to collect the humor from its surroundings.

Once the Aliens had their machine ready, they thought that it would take centuries to collect all the humor from the earth, and they were not willing to stay for so long. So, they proposed a deal to the emperor and their court: they will give new weapons that will make the Roman empire stronger and, in return, the Roman empire will grow to protect the humor collecting machine from any kind of menace, until its work is finished. The emperor agreed and then he himself and his army were the first to be drained out of humor and they got stronger muscles and weapons in return.

Your mision is to get a time machine and return to the start of the Roman Empire to destroy the humor-collecting machine before it can start making its harm to the humanity. You will have to tell good jokes to Romans in order to make them laugh and destroy their humorless status and, finally, you will have to destroy de machine.

Good Luck, Charlie!