Superman (Fremos, 1996)

Superman is an Amstrad CPC 464 game developed in BASIC. It was developed by Fremos in summer 1996. All the game was completely programmed in a real Amstrad CPC 464 and stored in casete tape. After its creation, the game remained stored for almost 30 years. Then, it was finally submitted to a BASIC programming contest created by the RetroAcción association from Zaragoza, in november 2014.

#CPCtelera Animation Flip Mode 2 Demo

This example shows how horizontal flipping works in #CPCtelera 1.4. using mode 2 graphics (640×200, 2 colours). A 6-sprites animation is hold in memory and is horizontally flipped completely to look right or left whenever the user presses a key. #CPCtelera 1.4. will include many flavours of this functionality to match either performance or compactness requirements (The version shown in this video is the compact one, 86 bytes). Full source code for this example and #CPCtelera engine can be found at Github.